Christmas in black and white

This article was written for the December 2016 edition of Vintage Life Magazine. I have decided to keep my VL articles until the end of each month to allow for magazine circulation. You can also read it on the Vintage Life Magazine website. Like it or not, you better believe it, Christmas is just around the … Continue reading Christmas in black and white

Why I keep my old shoes, and you should too

Yes, I think you should hang on to your old shoes - and NO, it is not just because I want everyone to be a hoarder like me! I feel like I do a lot of things with “just in case” or “what if I need …...” in mind, and my goodness, it sure is … Continue reading Why I keep my old shoes, and you should too

October Vintage Life Article – Full Version

Shoes, glorious shoes! I am sure we can all admit to having fallen head over heels (do you see what I did there!?) for an amazing pair of shoes at least once in our life- declaring that we would stop at nothing to make them ours! Or, if you are like me, that is pretty … Continue reading October Vintage Life Article – Full Version

My love-hate relationship with I Love Billy shoes

So, the title was slightly misleading… I really do LOVE I ❤ Billy shoes! I ❤ Billy is probably where my shoe collecting started actually, I definitely liked shoes before I found them (and eBay) but when I started buying some this is where I started what could be considered more of a collection, than … Continue reading My love-hate relationship with I Love Billy shoes

My first article in Vintage Life Magazine!

Ohmygoodness! I cannot believe I have really written an article which has been published in a REAL magazine! (I'm very excited, if you can't tell!) Yes, I'm pinching myself, but it is real, I am now for the foreseeable future, writing about shoes for Vintage Life Magazine! Here is an excerpt, but if you want to … Continue reading My first article in Vintage Life Magazine!

Everyone in white (shoes)

A few weeks ago I went along to a premiere screening of A Place To Call Home - Season 4, Episode 1 at Anita’s Theatre with a few girlfriends (thanks for the tickets Cindy!) and somehow we all turned up wearing white shoes! Not to mention that the four of us who all went in … Continue reading Everyone in white (shoes)

First blog post

Whheeeeeeeeeee a blog about shoes! Stories about shoes! Reviews of shoes! Advice on shoes! Shopping for shoes! SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! Ok, I think you have got it now… Hello and welcome to my new blog, a blog about shoes! If you are a pinup or a vintage lover then this is going to be a … Continue reading First blog post