About Pollydot Shoes

Pollydot Shoes is a blog about a love of shoes and vintage styling.

This blog will look at a lot of different topics around shoes for the modern pinup gal.
You would probably be surprised at how much there really is to say!

On this blog can expect to find:
– personal stories
– styling advice
– shopping advice
– sale notifications
– caring for shoes
– organisation and planning
– product reviews


About Pollydot Home & Gift

Heard the name “Pollydot” before? You might be familiar with my first business simply named ‘Pollydot’ which is an Australian online home and gift store, selling vintage and retro style wares. Pollydot was born in 2014 and continues to run parallel to this blog. I decided to link them by name since they are both in the retro-sphere. You can find Pollydot gift over at www.pollydot.com.au.


About Polly

Hello, I’m Polly (Polly Polka-Dot), the creator of Pollydot and Pollydot Shoes! I am a pinup girl from near Sydney, Australia, and unsurprisingly given the nature of this blog, I love shoes! (I also love polka-dots, this will probably become apparent though my posts)

I’ve been in the pinup/vintage scence for a few years now but I had always loved the vintage style even before knowing what it was called, or that there were a LOT of other people interested in it!

Over the years I have dabbled in pinup modelling, photoshoot styling, paegents and competitions and my favourite vintage themed thing- working as an extra in period television and films.

Header images by James Horan for Sydney Living Museums – www.jameshoranshootspeople.com