Christmas in black and white

This article was written for the December 2016 edition of Vintage Life Magazine.
I have decided to keep my VL articles until the end of each month to allow for magazine circulation.
You can also read it on the Vintage Life Magazine website.


Like it or not, you better believe it, Christmas is just around the corner! Although for me, Christmas is possibly around a different corner, as being from Australia, I get to have it in Summer!

I have been thinking about how differently we need to dress for the same occasion in each hemisphere and sighing over all the adorable knitted jumpers and snow-themed everything I am missing out on, but it isn’t all bad! I love to wear red for Christmas and luckily red is an ALL YEAR ROUND colour! I generally like to go for ‘Christmas colours’ on the day and while red shoes are a great option and an often favourite, this year you are highly likely to find me wearing white shoes with a red dress instead, because white just feels so fresh and summery.  

I’ve never had a winter Christmas (but I had a lot of fun pretending in these photos!) so I have to imagine what that might be like for the larger percentage of the vintage loving world. Looking at a few different shoes just released for the Autumn/Winter season over there I must admit I was surprised to find shoes that I might wear myself in summer! In my own imaginary winter celebrations, I’m wearing black suede heels, but again with red, because Christmas demands red quilted tartan to be matched with the dark and wintery peeptoes. But are you setting out in snow boots? If so, hopefully they are glamorous ones!

No matter the season, remember style is not the only consideration you need to have; you need to think about the practicality of your shoes for the weather, any journey you might need to make and what you will be doing when you get there. These things are probably more of an issue for my northern friends, as here in Australia it is sad to admit that most of the general population wears thongs (flip-flops) on Christmas day, or even, no shoes at all!

Keep in mind you’ll also need to be looking after those shoes if you want them to see the next few Christmases to come. Heat is not a friend to your shoes- don’t let them get too hot, be that by hugging too close to a toasty warm fire or by letting them spend any length of time in your car-come-oven! No moisture either, moisture is a definite enemy of shoes. If your shoes are good quality hopefully you won’t have any issues, but you will be shortening their lifespan if you don’t take good care of them. Of course these things are mostly common sense, but it is easy to let common sense fall by the wayside during the silly season.

If your Christmas list is anything like mine hopefully there will be some shoes finding happy new homes this season!

Merry Christmas shoe lovers!

Photos by Lauren Horwood Photographer.

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