Why I keep my old shoes, and you should too

Yes, I think you should hang on to your old shoes – and NO, it is not just because I want everyone to be a hoarder like me!
I feel like I do a lot of things with “just in case” or “what if I need ……” in mind, and my goodness, it sure is great to feel vindicated when one of those things does actually come in handy!

Recently I had the great privilege and delight to be able to attend Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray show at the Big Top in Sydney’s Luna Park and this was a day that I was SO GLAD I am that crazy “just in case” person! A couple of days leading up to the show Sydney received some of the most torrential rains and gale force winds that it had experienced in some time, and this was predicted to be the same for the show date. Arrrrghhhhhhhh!!!! As you can imagine, this was not an acceptable weather report! So many girls were all over facebook asking what to do about their hair and outfits, but I was more concerned about the shoes. Though I do have some very cute gumboots, they were NOT going to cut it for going to see THE QUEEN. *Insert my smug face here* because I have the exact right shoes for this occasion – my old ‘good’ black patent shoes, the ones that used to be my good pair but were replaced when they became old and very scuffed. Ohhhh yessss, the perfect I’m-going-out-in-a-monsoon-but-still-need-to-look-good shoes.
So, my advice to you is, when your favourite ‘good’ shoes wear out and you buy a replacement to be the new ‘good’ shoes, keep the old ones tucked away somewhere because you never know when you might need to trudge across a muddy paddock for a photo shoot, attend a last minute body painting session or wade through floodwaters to get to Dita! And be sure to keep the ‘good’ shoes to match multiple outfits, preferably black and white (and perhaps red, if you are so inclined).

Oh and in case you were wondering, the rain actually held off long enough for everyone to get into the event totally dry and looking fabulous, but as soon as it was over the torrential sideways rain returned and I was VERY glad I wore my old ‘good’ shoes as I stepped in water gushing past my ankles to get into a taxi!

PS: They dried out fine and the sole needs to be glued down a bit, but they will still be good for another adventure!

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