My love-hate relationship with I Love Billy shoes

So, the title was slightly misleading… I really do LOVE I ❤ Billy shoes! I ❤ Billy is probably where my shoe collecting started actually, I definitely liked shoes before I found them (and eBay) but when I started buying some this is where I started what could be considered more of a collection, than a large number of shoes.

Our love story begins in 2009, I had finished school and just got my first casual job… Cue INSTANT EBAY ADDICTION. Whoops! I was totally obsessed, I am pretty sure shopping on eBay was my new hobby actually. Anyway, at the time my style was a bit more rockabilly influenced as many new to the vintage scene are, so I was looking for fun colourful shoes to fit into that. I only wish I had found I ❤ B years earlier as I could have acquired even more of my favourite shoe!


The ones that started it all. And yes, I do have a backup pair squirreled away!

Fast forward to around the end of 2010 and I bought the most pivotal pair of shoes, I can’t actually remember if this was my first pair of them or not, but from this moment I was hooked. The shoes in question were a red with white polka-dot mid-height peep-toe heel with white trim and bow. And I got them for $4.65!!!! From there I went on building my collection of that particular shoe (known as the Victoria, Vickey and Vickeys), and over the years I have tried to get it in every colour combination it was made. The shoe was released in 2008, so they were easy to find when I started but are much less frequently found now, and in fact, I still search eBay for them pretty much every day. I have 10 pairs (plus one which I ‘lost’, but that is another story) in my own shoe collection and I have had loads more of the same shoe in my styling wardrobe over the years. I honestly just bought most of them that I came across, when I look back on it now it does seem a little crazy! I do also have heaps of other I ❤ Billy shoe styles in both my personal and styling wardrobes as I became so obsessed with the brand, but the Vickey was the one style that I really attached to.



My ol’ faithful red peeptoes. Image by Lara Light Photography.



They were perfect in every way. Style, fit, bow, heel height, comfort. EVERYTHING. Image by Lara Light Photography



Yes, this is a very old photo! Image by Lara Light Photography




This is your lucky day! This might be a very old photo BUUUUUUT the dress is still available! Will link below. Image by Lara Light Photography. 




Fast forward to now. I LOVE all my I ❤ B shoes. But I never wear them anymore as my style, more to the point my style rules have changed. I still like all the shoes, but they are covered in polka-dots and florals and random colours which I no longer have much room for in my rigid styling choices. My shoes need to match my bag, belt and cardigan and I won’t wear patterned shoes with patterned clothing. I would happily still wear these shoes with plain clothing, but these days I don’t have too much of that. So this is where the hate part comes in- I hate that I can’t wear them anymore! Yes, of course I CAN wear them, and NO, the world won’t end if I wear two different patterns together, but these things are so important to me now that I feel I would be losing myself if I didn’t stick to them.

But, who knows, our style changes over time and maybe I’ll want to wear them all again someday! Goodness knows stranger things have happened (like how I used to DESPISE wedges and anything suede-look but now I am ok with them… what is with that?).




I bought a lot of my new I ❤ Billy over the years from an ebay store called JBSSS Sample Size Shoes and if you are a size 37 – get yourself over there NOW because that is pretty much their main size (apparently 37 is the sample size that shoe salespeople show to shoe stores, this I have learned). I’m not an affiliate, I’m just really obsessed.

If you are interested in the dress above you can find it at Elise Design online or they also have stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Again, I’m not an affiliate, but I have modelled for the brand a couple of times.

Anyway, I’m sure that I ❤ Billy shoes will feature in some of my other posts but this one is dedicated to the Vickey/Victoria in particular as that has always been my favourite. Just look at how perfect they are!


❤  Polly


Photos by Lara Light Photography - website and Facebook.  

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