My first article in Vintage Life Magazine!

Ohmygoodness! I cannot believe I have really written an article which has been published in a REAL magazine! (I’m very excited, if you can’t tell!)

Yes, I’m pinching myself, but it is real, I am now for the foreseeable future, writing about shoes for Vintage Life Magazine!

Here is an excerpt, but if you want to read the whole thing you will have to buy a copy which you can get here.

“Shoes, glorious shoes! I am sure we can all admit to having fallen head over heels (do you see what I did there!?) for an amazing pair of shoes at least once in our life- declaring that we would stop at nothing to make them ours! Or, if you are like me, that is pretty much a weekly occurrence these days (this week it was the new Nita from Royal Vintage Shoes)! What is it about an amazing shoe that can excite our hearts and empty our bank accounts like no other? For me, as a short-statured lady at only 5’1, I love the bit of height that heels can give me, but I think more than that it is the LOOK that they create. I always feel more polished and put together and just, RIGHT, when I am wearing the perfect heel…”


❤ Polly

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