Everyone in white (shoes)

A few weeks ago I went along to a premiere screening of A Place To Call Home – Season 4, Episode 1 at Anita’s Theatre with a few girlfriends (thanks for the tickets Cindy!) and somehow we all turned up wearing white shoes! Not to mention that the four of us who all went in the car together also all had pink floral dresses on!! How does that happen? Possibly we were all very excited for spring to start? Anyway, it was a happy little coincidence, which to outsiders probably looked planned, and we were all quite amused!


From left: Me (Polly), Cindy, Teena, Kathy & Sandra


Everyone had a different white shoe, so no faux pas here! I went all out in vintage for the night, 1950s dress, 1960s bag and and 1950s shoes, which, I have to say, I just found ANOTHER pair of on ebay!!!! Seriously! The same size too! So if you are a tiny footed vintage shoe loving gal- get yourself these and we can be vintage twins (If no-one buys them soon, I will be buying them as a second pair for when these wear out – although, they ARE touted as being unbreakable…)!
[EDIT: I just went back to that ebay listing and they are actually very slightly different, my bad.]


Cindy had on the lovely Island Pumps by BAIT purchased from Zulily, which I also have a pair of, Teena wore the Panama Pump by Qupid, also purchased from Zulily and Kathy wore an older style with a red bow by Scooter, who often have really lovely vintage style shoes (not sure what Sandra was wearing, whoops!).



A lovely night was had by all white-shoed ladies, mixing with the stars (mostly just with Chilli the dog, who plays ‘Lucky’ on screen), taking lots of pictures to make the most of the amazing decor and of course, watching the show that we were there for!

If you are a 1950s fan, I would HIGHLY recommend watching A Place To Call Home, it is a fabulous Australian drama set in 1953, with not only amazing fashion, but great storylines! Plus I am in it! Watch APTCH on Foxtel’s Showcase, Sunday’s at 8:30pm Sydney time.


❤ Polly

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