First blog post

Whheeeeeeeeeee a blog about shoes! Stories about shoes! Reviews of shoes! Advice on shoes! Shopping for shoes! SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! SHOES!

Ok, I think you have got it now…

Hello and welcome to my new blog, a blog about shoes!

If you are a pinup or a vintage lover then this is going to be a great place for you to read everything you ever wanted about fabulous footwear. I have started this blog for a few reasons; while there are lots of blogs about vintage and pinup style fashion and lifestyle, there weren’t really any in this area about shoes, and after spending a lot of time in different FB groups I found that so many ladies were asking the same questions about shoes- where to buy them, sizing, if anyone had reviews, that sort of thing, and after spending a lot of time helping many people out with their questions someone mentioned that I should start a blog, and here we are.

So if you like shoes and vintage styling, I think we are going to get on famously.

I hope you are all as excited (but not as terrified!) as I am to let this little blog into your life!

❤ Polly

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